Drop-in classes are available for only $99 a day! Get $25 off your first drop-in class!

SuperKids Academy Microschool is Here to Help During This Time of Crisis!

Our Virtual Micro-School Learning Pod Program: assists and oversees your child through every aspect of their school's virtual learning process. Our team of well-seasoned teachers and tutors and administrators will also provide assignment and homework help. *Students must bring their own devices.

As school openings remain in flux, families grapple with big questions about safety, affordability and high-quality education for their children. SuperKids Academy is pleased to announce a flexible, affordable and fully-customizable solution for this school year!

Our program allows children to safely learn in an environment outside of their home under professional supervision with a maximum class size of 15 students and social distancing and stringent cleaning and hygiene codes in place. 

AM & PM Hours are available for working families!

Our weekly enrollment options include any combination of our Virtual Micro-school Learning pod program and our Super Kids Academy Program for a half-day, or both complete programs for a full-day. The option for partial week attendance is also available.

While we know its been a strange year so far with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting many, we are fully committed more than ever to contributing to your child having the best summer possible. Our camp is the only camp that combines Academic, Musical Arts and Fitness, all taught by professionals in each field with years of experience. 

This year, we look forward to bringing the same wonderful experience to you home with our virtual camp, we look forward to speaking with you!

-The Super Kids Camp Team