Camp Feature: Fitness

At our Superkids Camp Fitness Station, campers will jump, dance, stretch, and play to their heart’s content, with the help of master physical trainers who stress the importance of healthy habits and fun fitness.

Campers will learn, through fitness classes and games, that healthy living and fun go hand-in-hand.  Activities range from kickboxing, yoga, and Zumba, where your child will work cooperatively with their fellow campers to get a collaborative workout that’s both exciting and engaging. Our neighborhood park provides a great outdoor venue for team sports and competitions, which will be held on warm and sunny days. Your child will even learn about nutrition from the experts on staff!

Campers will have a blast combining nutrition, health, fitness and teamwork together in a 9-week immersive experience. Our camp fitness instills great habits and memories that will stay with your child for years to come!

staten island fitness summer camp