3 Gifted-Kid Habits Your Child Can Start Today

As parents, we are fascinated by stories of gifted kids. We see videos of toddlers who can recite any state capital on command. We remember stories of Mozart writing minuets at the age of 5. Giftedness seems like a magical quality bestowed on very few, but there are some simple habits that gifted kids use to nurture their talents and interests. Fortunately, anyone can start practicing these habits with their child!

Devote Time To Passions

According to the National Association for Gifted Children, a common behavior amongst gifted kids is the tendency to devote plenty of time to their passions. This is a habit that any child can achieve with the right support from parents. Children who set aside dedicated time for their special interests (which can be anything from Minecraft, to dinosaurs, to outer space, to rock music!) become more motivated to seek out new knowledge, get extra practice focusing on one task at a time, and make great strides in self-discipline. (A great place to start this habit is your local library!)

Seek Problems To Solve

Gifted children are adept at problem solving, but they aren’t born that way! They seek out problems that need solutions, and gain lots of practice in working their way towards those solutions. You can help your child become a problem solver too! Whether it’s fixing a beloved broken toy, helping two friends mediate an argument, helping to train the family dog, or raising money for a cause, there are plenty of situations where your child can flex their critical thinking skills. These situations can also help your child learn to collaborate with others, practice abstract thinking, and gain real-world experience.

Stay Curious (All Year Round!)

Whether school is out for the afternoon, the weekend, or the summer, some kids tend to think learning has to stop too. But gifted kids continue to flex their curiosity, and are eager to learn even when school is not in session! Educational or arts-focused summer camps can be a wonderful tool to make sure your child has a summer full of curiosity, fulfilment, and enrichment. Choose a camp with a variety of activities, caring and knowledgeable staff, and high expectations for your child’s growth.

Not every child is a concert pianist at age 4. But that doesn’t mean our child can’t be gifted! The habits we help our children develop now can set them up for great success later in life. Start today!