Stuck on choosing a summer camp? Check out these tips!

Every year, it seems as though there are more and more options for kids to stay occupied during the summer. Sports camps, robotics programs, music camps, art and drama classes, tutoring–the possibilities are endless! And Staten Island boasts some of the best programs in the city.

This makes the process of choosing a summer camp fairly intimidating. Parents have to sift through hundreds of options, ensuring that they find the right summer camp, one with a variety of activities, quality staff, and a convenient location (all while making sure that tuition doesn’t break the bank!).

Enrolling in one specialized camp may seem like a good option. But take care; a child may become bored with arts and crafts by week 4. And they may be missing the chance to become more well-rounded!

Some parents like to enroll their child in multiple camps over the course of the summer. This can keep campers engaged, but it also means they don’t get the full experience of their camp, and often they miss their camp friends when they leave.

The best way to choose a camp is to list you and your family’s needs. Apply that checklist to each camp you are considering. Does this fitness camp offer extended hours in the morning and the afternoon? Is this art camp close enough to my house or job? Does this academic camp offer my child any time for the occasional fun and games?

Don’t forget the must-haves! Visit the camp to make sure that the camp counselors are caring, qualified, and experienced. Ask if there is always a First-Aid-certified staff-member on the premises. Ask what your child will be doing throughout the camp day, to assess whether your child will learn something valuable in their program.

Use these tips to ensure your child has a blast at their summer camp in the upcoming year!