About Our Camp

Choose the summer camp that helps your child find the Superkid within!

Staten Island Superkids Summer Camp is a full-day 9-week camp for children ages 5-10, designed to give your child the tools they need to become Super Smart, Super Creative, and Super Fit.

We combine academic enrichment, music and visual arts lessons, and gym and aerobics classes to allow your child to develop and showcase their skills in a fun and energetic way. At our camp, your child will benefit from the expertise of professionals in their fields. Every day, we conduct campers through three stations staffed by experienced Math and English teachers, accomplished music and visual arts teachers, and master fitness instructors. At each station, campers learn the fundamentals of their crafts and start honing their skills with the help of our dedicated staff.

With flexible scheduling and extended hours available, we make it easy for all campers to take advantage of our programs. By the end of the summer, your child will return to school with a bright mind, inspired creativity, healthy habits, and fantastic memories.

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